Brush Barry Brush

By: Linda Valderrama R.D.H.
Illustrated by: Sudi Memarzadeh

This book encourages children to develop a daily routine of brushing teeth by making the idea fun and enjoyable. Through vibrant and playful illustrations, together you will love reading Barry’s story again and again. Children love the daily tooth brushing chart and stickers, too.

kart kids book list award 2011


brush barry brush

brushing teeth

Brushing teeth several times daily prevents cavities in children by moving around cavity causing bacteria. Brushing teeth helps kids to maintain bright, healthy smiles and definitely contributes to  their health and well being !


We have created a colorful, fun book to help encourage your children to brush their teeth. It is important for children to brush teeth after eating, whenever possible. If not possible, then “swish and swallow” with water.We are all about encouragement and support. It is not always possible to completely avoid sugary foods on special occasions. Colorful pictures in the book will  lead to discussion about what foods make tasty, “healthy” snacks and what foods are ok sometimes, but not good choices for regular snacking.

Parent’s Guide

Here are hints to help make routine brushing more fun! 8 simple tips using positive reinforcement to encourage great brushing habits and develop a daily routine of oral hygiene. Brushing teeth prevents tooth decay and lots of tears…..yours and theirs! Good brushing habits last a lifetime.

Our Cause

Tooth decay is the still the most prevalent but preventable childhood disease. Timely toothbrushing is key in protecting beautiful young smiles. It is the first line of defense. The acids that destroy teeth form within 3 minutes after eating! Starting your child with good habits early is a must. By the age of five, 40% of children will be affected by tooth decay.

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